Neelam Jain

Founder, PeriFerry

25 year old Social Entrepreneur, one of the first things you notice about Neelam is how young she is, but the passion and drive to build an inclusive society, was always deeply ingrained. After two years of working with Goldman Sachs, she founded PeriFerry, a social enterprise that supports transgender persons in India through employment, entrepreneurship and upskilling. Since two years now, PeriFerry has built great partnerships with companies to create a culture of inclusion and acceptance for all. Her mission is to positively impact the one crore transgender population, and to do this, despite the unthinkable setbacks in this space, she stands firm in her conviction.

Some of her startup’s achievements:

  1. 3M CII - Young Innovation Award 2019 - Impact Prize
  2. Jain International Trade Organisation - London, Best Startup Award 2018
  3. Asia's first and only mainstream event - TEDx Chennai managed by all transgender crew members (35+) - March 2019
  4. Indian Express honoured PeriFerry's Neelam Jain as 40 under 40 - South India’s most vibrant young entrepreneur
  5. PeriFerry represented India’s leading social enterprises at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017